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Consignment Terms

We focus on newer department store brands and high-end designer items that are in perfect condition for resale. We only accept consignment items that are on hangers, cleaned and pressed. We want the most bang for your buck! We do not accept children's or men's consignments at this time.

Consignment items are accepted during regular business hours, no appointment needed.

All pieces must be 3 years old or newer, excellent condition and free of any odors. Recuse Me! has an in-store consultant with over 30 years experience selling high end clothing and is able to authentic designer consignment items. Our experience has taught us what will and will not sell, so please understand if we are unable to accept certain items.  If your items do not fit the criteria for consignment, please consider donating them to the Thrift Store. All proceeds go to supporting our local animal rescue partners.

Rescue Me! will price all items at current market consignment value, typically 1/3 of retail price. We use current selling pricing price data from several well established online selling sites as well as our personal 30 year expertise and knowledge of what the real current value prices of your items are. We price to sell but strive to make the most money for you and our cause.  Items will be marked down at 21 days and 45 days. 

Special Note: Designer brands are typically priced much closer to retail price. In today's world of online shopping where merchandise demand dictates premium pricing, we strive to get you the most $$$ for your coveted designer brands, whether in store or online.

As the consigner you will receive 50% of the final selling price of your consigned items. A check will be available for you to pick up at your convenience. Checks will not be printed for any amount less than $10.00. If consignor wishes for check to be mailed, they will incur a $1.00 processing fee.

For you, the smart shopper who loves to shop in store, you will receive a 5% discount when you shop at Rescue Me! and use your funds on account to pay for your purchase! Another great incentive to always shop 1st at Rescue Me! Consignment and Thrift Boutique.

Shop smart and save more animals!


After the 90 day contract has ended, consigner has the right to reclaim items. If items are not picked up after consignment period, items will become property of Rescue Me! to donate or sell. 

Items Lost, Stolen, or Damaged: All reasonable care will be taken of items consigned, however they are left at

consignor’s risk. Higher ticket designer items are handled

with additional security. Please see management for 


For consignment furniture please e-mail pictures to: for prior approval. 

Include your name and contact information.


Consignment Agreement, click here.

Accepting items for the following seasons

Spring-Summer: February-July

Fall-Winter: August-January

We reserve to change consignment terms at any time. 

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